The “insulting” salary of a graduate teacher with 10 years experience

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Gross salary for a graduate teacher in the service for 10 years is what you see below (2,200 GHS per month). Tell me, how can this person save and then be ableto buy the 120,000 dollars land somewhere in Accra?

A graduate teacher in the UK with the same experience can buy a house easily–and travel abroad for holidays 2 or 3 times a year, and can own a nice BMW or Benz.

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This amount, 2200 GHS is how much you will spend in a month if you just decide to have once a week breakfast at Holiday Inn or Golden Tulip in Ghana. And if a graduate teacher who has been working for 10 years cannot eat at such places once a week, then what’s the stress all for in this life?

My argument is that things are super expensive in Ghana–and the people are paid peanuts.

You can find a Marriott or Holiday Inn hotel one night stay for less than 100 pounds in every country in Europe–in Ghana, they will ask for 400 or 500 pounds per night.

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The Ghanaian system as it stands breeds corruption. Unless you are corrupt, you can’t live good (and I mean this)–you cannot have any of those modern posh apartments or houses to call your home.

How many people can buy a car on their current salary in Ghana. In the UK, your minimum wage salary of about £1,400 per month can buy 3 good running cars per month. Minimum wage of a month in Ghana of about 200 GHS cannot even buy a single decent meal at Golden Tulip.

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Why are they doing this to us and people can’t even see it?

A lot of you cannot even go out to a nice place to eat or drink once a month–because a sitting is your entire monthly salary. Common good ambience and food cannot be afforded.

And let me add this, don’t try to get a loan in Ghana–the interest from the Banks alone will kill your unborn children.

In such a system, your only option is to be corrupt–to live better.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong

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