The African continent will be severely hit by the impacts of climate change

According to climate experts, the African continent and its people contribute less to climate change yet, the continent will be hit the hardest by the negative impact of climate change.

Climate change is not a fiction story with imaginations about our climate today and how actions and decisions we take on the use of the environment will affect us.

It is not a cooked up story but the painful truth of how fast the world’s people are messing up the world today with their industrial activities and decisions, domestic activities and dependence on nature, transport and extraction of resources and the use of fuels that are harmful to a safe world for posterity.

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Africa’s Climate, Dependence and Climate Change

Since the African continent will be severely hit by the negative impacts of climate change, there is the need for climate experts, individuals and civil society organizations to being to take the story to everyone including movements and policymakers to help co-opt sustainability, protection, preservation, and other strategies into the use of the environment and resources within while safeguarding our planet for us all.

Africa is already a hot region due to its geographical location within the tropics and the absence of and the inadequacy for adaptive capacity, poverty, hunger, and continuous destruction of the environment for survival.

African countries continue to strive to industrialize. Countries such as Ghana have recently discovered oil, Galamsey is common in the mining sector and is also contributing to the destruction of land, water bodies and the forest is at the mercy of gold-hungry Chinese and Ghanaians.

Climate change is a real threat to Africa’s future, economic growth and the livelihood of its vulnerable people across the continent.

The fact that the poor depend so much on the environment for survival in terms of fuel, water, food, work, and shelter implies Africa needs to step up efforts.

This means taking steps to save our continent and the world from climate change effects today and telling a better story to generations yet to be born about what we did to save a life threatning climate situation.

They will gladly appreciate rather than we telling posterity how much we have destroyed the environment and all the pleasant environment we had.

Projections about Climate Change impact on Africa

Scientific projections on climate reveal that by 2020, 75 250 million people in Africa will be exposed to acute water problem as a result of change in climate on the continent are

This should it occur will further negatively impact rain-fed agriculture up to 50% meaning, crops production, and yield will reduce

This reality of the African continent being severely hit by the impacts of climate change is just a minute picture of the bigger impact. What must Africa do to save the continent and its people and the world? To find out click READ MORE

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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