Term 2 Week 1 Lesson Notes now available for download

Term 2 Week 1 Lesson Notes

Term 2 Week 1 Lesson Notes now available for download for all classes is available for download now. These notes are written by others who have made it easy and efficient for basic schools in Ghana to teach Ghanaian school children the same lessons across the country on a daily basis.

Read: Term 2 Week 2 Lesson Notes for Basic Schools: Download Now

All such lessons assist urban and rural school teachers and facilitators in the provision or teaching of lessons.

WEEK 1 Term 2 The Lesson Notes for Basic Schools cover all the basic 1, basic 2, basic 3, basic 4, basic 5, basic 6.

Teaching notes to cover all subject areas, including English, History, Science, Education, Mathematics, Creative Arts and Our World Our People. Our Learning notes cover every subject.

Please note that the Basic Sc Lesson / Weekly Learning Plan. Facilitators providing guidance in the classroom under the GES will attest to the fact that these lesson notes have helped and continue to help in the performance of their core mandates.









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