Swedru SHS Female student smoking weed for fame (WATCH VIDEO)


A female SHS student smoking weed for fame without a second thought of her future leaves much to be desired as her self made video trends on the internet. The SHS girl who might be within the age range of 18-20, is alleged to be a student of Swedru Senior High school located in the Central Region of Ghana.

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Our Senior High Schools have become places where deviant behaviours are quickly learned, adopted and assimilated into the Ghanaian culture. These bad behaviours become the norm in the long run and are carried into our tertiary institutions. In the end, they are likely to end up in our workplaces, business, politics and our general life as Ghanaians.  Today, the true Ghanaian identity in deeds is fast eroding in the name of social media fame. We applaud indiscipline at all levels of engagement.

The female SHS student smoking weed for fame VIDEO is breaking the internet for the wrong reasons. The student made the video her self while smoking as if the world was in her hands. She seemed so high and chanted on several occasions as she listend to a song in Akan which spoke about one’s inability to complete school. 

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The incident seema to have taken place in her house while she was still in her school uniform. Thre is also a possibility that it might have taken place in the absence of the parents at home or in another student’s house. 

We may be fast losing our national identity and the essence of education which should make us wiser, and help us make better choices. 

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Our young people of today are daring but they are channeling their efforts into wrong options, bad attitudes and degrading characters and behaviours. Ghana’s future leaders seem to be disappointing already. Can today’s leaders have hope in our youth of today to be better leaders our tomorrow’s Ghana needs?

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Doing all sorts of things the name of regrettable fame needs to be uprooted from our social life or it will come to hunt us all.


Video Source: ghwatchdog.com

Source: Newsghana24


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