Some 10 Policy Statements by John Mahama for 2021

John Mahama is coming back to is buzzing on social media after the former President’s JohmMahamaLive program today. Below are some 10 Policy Statements by John Mahama for 2021 if Ghanaians vote him into power.

1. Cancel the obnoxious Teacher Licensing Exams that has become a big albatross on the heads of gallant teachers. The Mahama to Cancel Teacher Licensure Exams in 2021 has become the topic of discussion among teachers social media platforms.

2. Restore Ghanaian participation in the Financial Sector (Some of the collapsed banks will be restored) and local participation of Ghanaians will be encouraged, improved and supported.

3. Establish factory enclaves to be called Staple Crop Processing Zones

4. The 10 Policy Statements by John Mahama also include The Student Loan Scheme. According to him, it will be restructured to offer a monthly stipend to all tertiary students that need it. Thus students loan will be increased & paid to students as monthly stipends.

5. Declare 100million trees plantation policy to protect the environment in the era of climate change and its impact on the world’s people.

6. Dualize the following roads: Accra-Kumasi, Accra-Cape Coast, Accra-Ho.

7. Abolish the double-track system and make the Free SHS program better by rapidly building schools in oversubscribed areas in order to abolish double track. One way to achieve this is to expand infrastructure in the big schools with vast lands to increase enrolment.

8. Radically cut down the number of ministers from 125 currently under Nana Addo to the barest minimum. He indicated that some 40 ministries created are not necessary and that their absence will not significantly affect government machinery in delivering for the people of Ghana.

9. Policy Statements by John Mahama also touched on bridging the salary gap of public sector workers. He indicated that he will bridge the salary gap that exists between regular public sector workers and Article 71 officeholders.

10. Abolish the 6% increase in the Communication Service Tax. Thus abolish the 50% increment in Communication Services Tax

Other highlights of the day’s program include the following build more hospitals to solve the no bed syndrome and also employ more nurses and give employment to the youth in the digital space, agro-business, and the manufacturing sector

He also indicated that his government will not abandon existing projects by the Nana Addo government to enable Ghanaians to have value for their money.

One thought on “Some 10 Policy Statements by John Mahama for 2021

  1. Haha, this NDC executive truly lack message, So Mr former Prz. you mean teacher licensure exam has no positivity towards our educational system and you aren’t ready for review consideration as by ur normal quotes, but will rather just cancel it ..? Hehe most Ghanaians are not ready for u Paapa.

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