NPP Believes NDC has no message for Election 2020 – Franklin Cudjoe

The NPP believes, its biggest opponent, the NDC has no message for the forthcoming elections and how dare it even suggest a come back to power-‘come back to do what?’ the NPP quibs.

It is a solid punch line, although I’d think the NPP should invest time and effort at telling their own stories of what that success looks like for the many- especially for the many on social media who type loads of unpalatable( their definitions of reality) reactions to apparently positive news by government officials

A case in point is our venerable Veep’s statement this afternoon, that ” we have established economy- reduced suffering” published by Myjoyonline.

The comments under that story and many before reflect similar sentiments Mahama’s NDC used to attract pre-2016 and it is difficult to dismiss these commentators as hirelings of the opposition NDC.

So, my advice- the NPP may want to recruit social media ‘foot soldiers’ armed with verifiable data and ability to explain maturely to all commentators who seem eternally doubtful about the impact of the litany of achievements touted by officials of the NPP and government- that these interventions, especially the flagship ones, have improved their lives.

By the way, the social media foot soldiers should be paid by the NPP party and not from government coffers.

In a related message directed at Nana Addo he said :

You, Nana Akufo Addo, we were the ones keeping the NDC government on its toes when you had all your internal fights for nearly 2 years when you were in opposition.

We met you to brief you about the state of affairs at your invitation.

Today, we are only saying and doing what we did under the NDC and you say we are worse than what you used to admire and quote copiously from? So all CSOs and think tanks are worrying you and by extension emboldening your ministers and party people to deal with us ruthlessly? I never thought you could actually INSULT US.

Mr. President, I can only say thank you.

But we have seen all of these before. We will be here serving Ghana. Do your part and we shall do ours. After all we pay you and your ministers to work for us.

It is not the other way around. We shall be here to celebrate your defeat. Merry Christmas to you all the same.

Comments that have followed since the above post was shared on social media seem to paint a mixed picture of emotions from social media commentators.

One such comment indicated that the social media footsoldiers who are paid regularly are not even convinced themselves how to defend this govt unless they are given rehearsed speeches to put out (which mostly they don’t even understand) in the line of duty.

Another also suggested that EVERY SINGLE APPOINTEE (Ministers, Deputy Ministers, CEOs, Deputy CEOs and whoever else) should give an account of what they personally have achieved so far. What new initiatives have they brought? Or what have they continued from the previous administration and how have they upped it?

NPP Believes NDC has no message for Election 2020  and this may be a fallacy. The NDC may shock us all and sweep the NPP off its feet soon.

What is your take on this?

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