Simon Turner’s family manhandled by unprofessional Bolt driver

Information reaching indicates that Simon Turner a celebrated businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Director at MESTAfrica and a Judge on McDanChallenge had his family forced to alight from the bolt ride.

Bolt is one of the new entrants into Ghana’s digitized transport service for commuting people and goods within the cities of Ghana. 

The angry driver, whose unprofessional conduct took a better part of him, gave bolts a bad name on the night. Mr. Simon Turner took to his Twitter handle to express his displeasure at the treatment and wondered why bolt has not contacted several hours after the tweet. 

He wrote “Enough is enough. Your driver’s ongoing disdain for card trips has gone too far. Tonight your driver made my family alight in a dark street with no lights. They refused so he dragged 1 out who now has a deep bleeding gash to his leg. This will escalate. DM me #banbolt

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This Tweet opened up a lot of bad publicity for bolt as other customers shared bitter experiences from rides with other bolt drivers. 

@Boltapp_gh drivers are really unprofessional. I’ve had my own worse cases with them and the in-app reporting system isn’t as effective and efficient like Uber. It’s either they fix bolt issues or ban it totally. We’re of drivers canceling trips and exhibiting unprofessionalism” a twitter user said.

However, there were others who believed that, just as there were bad and unprofessional bolt drivers, there were some good ones out there. 

“Some are good, some are…not.” a bolt customer added.

Customer service has become sophisticated, and one of the requirements of good customer service is the response time when such issues are reported. Customers who complained about the service of the bolt were quick to add that their in-app reporting was inefficient,  their drivers don’t like card trips either, and that has created a lot of problems with customers at the receiving end.

It is time Bolt and other similar service providers reconsider their criteria for deciding who uses their platform as a driver. Background checks, professional training, and customer service tooling of all drivers are key to ensuring the customer is protected, served well, and respected because they determine the success of bolt and its drivers. 


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