2 thoughts on “Schools Reopening, 2020 WASSCE And How They May Look With COVID-19

  1. My idea abt this is that , they should implement a new system where by students will continue their studies in available schools around them.
    For example if I stay at Asante Agona and i had school at knust I must not go to kunst to study again but I must visit nearest school like Agona she and also those who don’t have nearest Shs must be given the boarding facility.
    So must avoid going to school far from us in this covid 19 period but learn in the nearest school

  2. It’s okay but we Should note some classroom syllabus were not due before the suspensions. And students and teachers require some more time to finish those. And this is actually going to affect the less privileged who may die to circumstances like natural disasters not get enough time to finish their syllabus and cannot partake in the e-learning.

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