Scholarships for Ghanaian Students to study home and abroad

The reality is that there are countless scholarships for Ghanaian students to study abroad for a university degree. These scholarships exist for first-degree applicants, masters’ applicants and doctoral students (PhD).

Knowing the availability of these scholarships and where to find them is one sure way to start thinking of applying and taking the needed steps to earn a degree with the aid of a partial scholarship or a full scholarship.

Below are some of the great scholarship opportunities to consider if they are in line with your area of interest.

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GTUC Florence Onny Memorial Scholarship Fund in Ghana

This scholarship was initiated by the Ghana Technology University College and is for one academic year. It covers students tuition cost, other University fees as well as some books. To access the full content of this scholarship follow the link GTUC Scholarship Fund in Ghana

University of Kent UK 2019 Scholarship

The University of Kent scholarship is a great opportunity for Ghanaians to study in the UK. This scholarship is a partial scholarship.

The great news about this scholarship is that you can access it if you are interested in studying for your Postgraduate or Undergraduate degree. You have the opportunity to study any subject of your choice taught at the University. This scholarship is worth 2000 pounds every year and the deadline is September 2019. Link to University of Kent UK 2019 Scholarship

MAHSA Special Scholarships- Malaysia, 2019

This is a scholarship provided by one of the top Universities in Malaysia to international students.

The closing date for submission of applications is October 1, 2019. The scholarship is open to all first degree and masters and PhD applicants to any program offered at the University. This is a full tuition fee scholarship (Only tuition fees, Up to 100% of program fees) which many Ghanaian students want most of the times.

Go to MAHSA Special Scholarships to access all the additional relevant information to help you make a better-informed decision.

The DRD Scholarship for Sub-Saharan Africans

The DRD Scholarship for Sub-Saharan Africans is a set of scholarships awarded to students to pursue both masters and PhD programs 30 Nov 2019 while the program starts in January-May 2020 for those who will be successful. As the name implies, it is meant for students in Sub Sahara Africa which includes Ghana as well.

The host University and the country are University of the Western Cape, South Africa/Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.

This is a scholarship for only those interested in Master of Arts in Development studies, Masters in Public Administration and related PHD options. Since the slots are limited it is appropriate to apply early and provide all the relevant requirements devoid of errors.

Link to The DRD Scholarship for Sub-Saharan Africans

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