Sample WASSCE English Summary Questions and Answers

The sample WASSCE English summary questions and answers

The sample WASSCE English summary questions and answers in this post will show you how to write your own summary answers with confidence and give you enough direction to do so.

Carefully read the following passages and answer the questions that follow as much as possible in your own words.


Beloved, here was an extraordinary life well lived. She came to the world on that April morning in 1867 with nothing, but on leaving, has left so much behind – money, properties, and loads of controversy!

Fellow mourners, who was the woman Amanda Chile? Maybe few people know a bit about her but just a bit – but we never could understand what we knew – only her creator would understand that complex character called Amanda. So let’s tell you what we know as a family.

Amanda was like a junction town. Depending on the direction from which you approached her you’d see certain invisible features as you got closer.

You couldn’t miss one thing though: she was warm. A friendly angel, easy to make friends with. Last time our sister Krishna told me she couldn’t understand how Amanda could easily charm even her bitterest political opponents to make them feel so much at ease in her company.

Yes, Amanda was a charmer: a real genius whose broad sunny smile would make any stony heart melt like butter.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all here will miss Amanda not just because she charmed our hearts but also because she cared.

She was compassionate toward others, so she would gladly sacrifice her own comfort just to bring joy to a miserable soul.

That explained the existence of the Amanda Chile Foundation which has raised many from the abyss of poverty, ignorance, and disease to respectable standards of living.

Talk of the scholarships, the microcredit schemes, housing schemes, and the philanthropic activities of our now-departed Amanda. Sister, we shall surely miss you dearly.

Sadly, the soft-hearted nature of this great heroine has turned out to be the cause and the effect of her tragedies which invariably stirred so much controversy during her lifetime. Men took advantage of Amanda’s gentle heart.

They preyed on her!! They pried into her heart and caused havoc not only to her finances but also to her gentle heart.

As concerned sisters, we had cause to express our concern to her about how easily she allowed jerks to virtually loot her heart and house but all to no avail. She seemed to have a bottomless pit of pity even for wolves.

Thus, onlookers, disgruntled parasites, and envious folks who could not stomach Amanda’s fame and success joined forces to spread the vicious falsehood that Amanda was a man-eater who chose and changed men as she pleased.

But we know better. Our sister was just a simple compassionate soul!

Finally, brethren in the Lord, let everybody know that Amanda, contrary to what you all thought, Amanda was a long-suffering person whose experiences as a little girl came to shape her eventful life.

In fact, privately, Amanda was a very sad, lonely person up to the grave. She has never been a truly happy person as she appeared in public.

Frequently, in the privacy of her room, she would cry bitterly only to smile broadly when we chanced upon her.

Then, shocking as it may sound to you, our sister was in fact not our sister: she was picked up and fostered as a child by our parents when her poor mother abandoned her on a heap of rubbish one cold winter night.

Yes, Amanda has lived an enigmatic life and has left us all wondering exactly who she really was. May her soul rest in peace. Thank you.

WAEC Summary Questions

a. In two sentences, one for each, state Amanda Chile’s two admirable qualities.

b. In two sentences one for each, summarize the two tragic effects of Amanda’s soft-hearted nature.

c. In two sentences, one for each, state the two hidden aspects of Amanda Chile’s life.

Recommended WAEC Summary Answers

a. i. Amanda was a friendly person.

ii. She cared about others.

b. i. Men exploited Amanda’s soft-hearted nature.

ii. Envious people tarnished Amada’s image.

c. i. Amanda was never a happy individual.

ii. She was an adopted child.

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