Video Just In: Police forced to hang on car as driver tries to escape arrest

Police forced to hang on the car

Video just in shows police forced to hang on the car as the driver tries to escape arrest. It looks as though drivers are becoming defensive when police officers try to arrest them for traffic offenses.

Drivers are putting the police in harm’s way by refusing to stop and driving into police officers standing in front of their vehicles in such conditions.

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This Police forced to hand on the car as the driver tries to escape arrest is the second in recent times. The last one led to the death of the police officer.

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A typical example that must not go unpunished is in the video below. Onlookers argued among themselves.

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However, information gathered revealed that the car had just been cleared from the port and the police officer was demanding certain documents of registration including registration documents of the car which were not available. The actions of police angered the driver to drive away whiles the police were burnt on arresting the car and so jumped onto the car as seen in the video.

Police forced to hang on the car again is proof that our drivers are becoming impatient just as our police officers are becoming to unprofessional in their policing duties.

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