Looming Danger: NPP’s Ayawaso West Wuogon Bye Election Drains Project Halts

Looming Danger as NPP’s Ayawaso West Wuogon Bye-election drains project halts. A few days to the Ayawaso West Wuogon Bye-election, the parliamentary candidate and now Member of Parliament Hon. Lydia Alhassan started a project aimed at desilting the Mempeasem community drains. Twenty days after the bye election, there is no contractor on site to complete the work as equipemt and machines have been moved away.

Typical of politicians in Ghana, this project looks as though one that was to be a flash in the pan strategy to win the election but with no intension to deal with the challenge posed by the drain.

Screenshot 2 2
Expanded Section of the drains

The desilting of the drain begins close to the UPSA section of the constituency through the Methodist Church chapel area then finally to the major Okai road was only done half way. The portion of the drain that has been desilted has actually be expanded whiles the part of the community that really needs the desilting was never attended.

The culverts used for the bridge are so small hence just a little of the rainwater running through can floor through the culvert under the bridge. The greater quantity of the rainwater overflows unto the street flooding homes in the area. and destroying property.

Screenshot 3 1
Culvert under Bridge for all the water from the gutter above.

Since the work is incomplete and the drains have been expanded on one end while the other end of the road has not been worked on, it is going to pose a serious danger to lives and properties when the rains set. A little downpour on Tuesday morning sent shivers down the spine of inhabitants. If the little down poor on Tuesday 19th February 2019 was anything to go by, then the people living in the area are seating on a time bomb created as a result of the vote buying project.

A careful look at the images in this post tells you the looming danger. The main challenge facing this community is the size of coverts used under the road that links the Mempeasem community to the University of Professional Studies section.

Screenshot 4 2
Plastic waste from Madina Ideal College area and UPSA stuck in the drains after the down pour

Typical of many government projects, community members living in the area and opinion leaders were not consulted to know at first hand the challenge the community is facing as far as the drains are concerned. The best possible solution to avert the danger looming is for the contractor or whoever is in charge of this project, to come back to the site, complete the desilting of the remaining stretch of the drain that has its source of water from UPSA, Madina estate and their environs.

The second immediate action needed to avert any destruction of properties is for the coverts under the road removed and replaced with very big ones or with customized ones made fit for the purpose to allow quick and easy flow of water beneath the road when it rains.

Screenshot 5
The part of the drains left undesilted after the election

If this is not done, members of the Mempeasem community will blame the new MP Hon. Lydia Alhassan should the rains cause damage to lives and properties in the area.  

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