Buhari Re-elected as Nigeria’s President for a second term


Buhari Re-elected as Nigeria’s President. The seating president of Nigeria, Buhari has been re-elected as Nigeria’s President for a second term. The fiercely contested elections with over 70 candidates seeking to topple him never materialized.

Buhari re-elected president, now 76 will rule Africa’s most populous country until he turns 80. Nigerian President. The election which was marked by some violence saw the former Vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar giving Buhari a good chase that never delivered the victory he so much wanted. Buhari lead with a margin of fewer than four million votes.

However, the People’s  Democratic Party (PDP) led by Mr Abubakar has described the election as rigged. The election was marred by a week’s delay and violence. Video fotages on social media also suggested some irregularities however, independent observers have not indicated any incident of fraud so far.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) led by Mr Buhari got the nod by winning 19 of the 36 states. The PDP managed to win17 states including Abuja per the results released by the electoral commission (Inec).

However, turnout was generally low, the commission is expected to formally announce the results on Wednesday.

Buhari the ex-military officer, was the head of the military leadership in the 1980’s. He led the military regime in the country.

Buhari Re elected President
Buhari Re elected President

He returned to the presidency through the elections held in 2015 and was the first opposition candidate in the history of Nigerian political history to defeat a seating president. As president of Nigeria, his military background of strictness and autocracy come to play and has been one of the challenges of his government.

Mr Buhari’s supporters can argue that he has largely delivered on campaign pledges such as tackling corruption and cracking down on Boko Haram. But they may struggle to point to concrete achievements in other fields, such as fixing the economy.He will face a range of problems including power shortages, corruption, security threats, and an economic slowdown.

Source: BBC

Buhari’s camping message, targeted fight against corruption and Boko Haram. Issues about what they have done to manage the Nigerian Economy were absent in their question to convince the people of Nigeria to vote them back into power.

Nigeria is currently struggling to deal with corruption, the economy that has slowed down, violence in security issues.

Buhari must impress the people of Nigeria


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