No Ghanaian referee at the AFCON 2019 courtesy ‘Number 12’ exposé

No Ghanaian referee at the AFCON 2019 courtesy ‘Number 12′ exposé. “Coming events cast their shadows before” and so the fact that there is no Ghanaian referee, not even one at the AFCON 2019 is not surprising. The Anas No 12 secretly filmed videos that revealed the bribe collecting pedigree of Ghanaian referees can be the most important determinant of this.

Since our referees decided to follow money blindly and alter results of our football matches in the Ghanaian league, this is the reward they get.

The Referees list revealed by the African Football Governing body CAF is made up of fifty-six (56) officials who will see to all matters relating to officiating at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt.

This has twenty-six (26) referees as well as thirty (30) assistant referees in Egypt 2019. Countries captured on the referees’ list include Sudan and Tunisia with two each as Angola Algeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Libya, Cameroon, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Madagascar, Mozambique, Niger, RD Congo, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda

This is obvious and we are sure the referees in Ghana saw this coming. CAF does not want to compromise the beauty of the tournament with referees from Ghana who have bribery allegations hanging around their necks. This is also good for Ghanaians referees to reflect on this and take stocks going forward.

While some received huge cash gifts, others got goats in addition and much more in that video in which other top Ghanaian football officials were caught pants down including former GFA president Kewsi Nyatekyi.

Ghanaian referees and football fans must not blame Anas but themselves for not holding on to the ethical values of their profession as referees. Since they dropped their guards and opted for mouthwatering bribes, they must suffer this.

This should be a big lesson to our referees especially the upcoming ones and all who intend to take refereeing as a profession. Always be fair, build the beautiful game of football, value your respect and hold on to the virtues and values needed to make the game a better one in Ghana. Do not throw your conscience to the dogs and bury your ethical values because of money.

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