VIDEO: Nigerians Target MultiChoice and other SA businesses in protest against xenophobic violence

Whiles Africa and the world continues to condemn the Xenophobic attacks by SA on Nigerians, the Nigerians have retaliated by also attacking businesses of South Africans in Lagos.

The people took to the streets on Tuesday to register their displeasure after Nigerians and other foreign nationalswere attackedin SouthAfrica.

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According to reports gathered, the Nigerian protestors three stones at properties owned by South Africans in Lagos andtargettedbusinesses of SA nationals in the city.

Hence businesses such as Telecommunication giants MTN,Glossaryshop-ShopriteandMultiChoicewere forcedto close down.

The Nigeriangovernmentdeployed the military to foil attempts to attack theShopritebuilding inthe city ofLagos.

However, theattackscontinue in SA withdisgruntledSouth Africans looting and engaging in violent attacks.

ForeignNationals in South Africa have panicked and fear for their lives.Presidentof the Republic of Nigeria, PresidentMuhammaduBuharion Tuesday disclosed a delegation is on its way to SouthAfricato meet CyrilRamaphosa,the president ofSouth Africa on the Xenophobic Attacks.

Itis expectedthat President CyrilRamaphosa will assure and secure the safety of Nigerians residence in South Africa.

Hoewever Ramaphosa has called on South Africans to quell attacks on foreigners. “Taking action against people from other nations is not justified and should never be allowed in our beautiful country.” He added that South Africa needs to quell these unaccpetable incidents of unrest and attacks on other foreign nationals in SA.

Nigerians need to stay calm and show the whole world great maturity as the goverment takes the needed action to ensure the right thing in done.

Nigerians retaliating against South Africans in Nigeria

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