Nigerian man surprises girlfriend with tear rubber Benz as Christmas gift (Watch video)

Nigerian man surprises girlfriend Mercedez Benz

Christmas is in already for some people as a young man surprises her beloved girlfriend with a brand-new Mercedes Benz as a Christmas gift.

A Nigerian man went above and beyond to make Christmas special for his girlfriend.

He bought her a Mercedes-Benz and set up a surprise party for their close friends to see it.

A video that is going around the Internet shows how the boyfriend led the girl from inside the house to the car park, where Benz was waiting for her.

She put her hand over her mouth when she found out that he had given her such an expensive gift for Christmas.

As the girl hopped into the torn leather seat to start the whip, friends could be seen gushing and cheering for the couple.

“December gift came early” was written under the video when it was shared.

Check out the video:

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