Mass Registration exercise for the Ghana Card starts 29th April

Information reaching newsghana24 is that the Mass Registration exercise for the Ghana Card will start on the 29th day of April 2019, according to the National Identification Authority – NIA.

The registration will start in the Accra west area which includes the following areas Weija Gbawe, Ga West, Ga Central, Ga South, and the Ablekuma. The exercise is expected to end on May 26th 2019.

The officers who will be registering will work within the hours of 7 am – 5 pm each day from Monday to Saturday.

 Primary Requirements to register

Primary Requirements to register for the Ghana Card are either a Valid Passport or a Birth Certificate.

At each registration centre, a Commissioners for Oath will be stationed to take persons who do not have the above documents through the vouching process before they can register.

 Mandatory Requirement

Each person who intends to register must have a Digital Address which is obtainable using the Ghana Post GPS app on any android phone. Persons without the number will not be able to register for the Ghana Card.

To generate the digital address one must activate the app and stand to in front of his or her house to generate the address which looks like GA-XXXXXX

 Secondary Requirements for registering for the Ghana Card

Those who want to register for the Ghana card must have Secondary Requirements for registering which include valid Driver’s License or Voter ID or SSNIT Card or Health Insurance card or Tax Identification Number (TIN). Any of the above presented must be the original document before the officer will accept it as valid for the registration.

In case you are using a birth certificate or passport, the names must be the same or you have to provide a gazette to prove otherwise that both documents refer to the same person. In the same way, a change of date of birth must also be evidenced with a gazette.

Where vouching of your identity is needed, there should be at least one family member present who has already registered or two persons who have already registered.  They must show their cards as proof of registration at the centre.

The NIA is expected to organize a press briefing on Thursday, 25th April 2019 to throw more light on the Mass registration. The Dates for the registration in all 16 regions is out. Check it now

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