Comedian Zelensky Elected President of Ukraine

When the dust settled after the Ukrainian election, comedian Zelensky shocked the world as he was declared the president Elected of Ukraine.

He won a landslide victory with almost all votes counted. He gained over 73% of the valid votes cast while the incumbent president Petro Poroshenko trailed with just 24%. Of the votes cast.

Mr Zelensky told the people he will not let them down after the results were announced.

Mr Poroshenko, has thrown in the towel and accepted the results of the general election however, he has no intention of leaving politics soon.

The president-elect and political newcomer Mr Zelensky is a 41-year-old satirical television series comedian.

At the party’s campaign office, he said to the teaming supports “I’m not yet officially the president|” He went on to add anything is possible and that other post-soviet union countries should take a cue from Ukraine.

While interacting with the press, he said he had intentions to “Reboot” peace talks ongoing with separatists fighting Ukrainian forces who have been backed by Russia backed.

Mr Zelensky is leading the results in 99% of the regions currently with 96.16% votes counted. Live results show that Mr Zelensky has obtained 73.14 votes whiles the current president has 24.53%

The President of France, in a tweet in response to the results, said

A decisive day for Ukraine. Free elections and peaceful change of power = strong Ukrainian democracy. Congratulations to Volodymyr Zelensky. The EU is determined to continue its support

Leaders from different parts of the world have called to congratulate the new president-elect. French President Emmanuel Macron in a phone call congratulated Mr Zelensky in, Andrzej Duda Poland’s President also did the same. The British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has tweeted saying

“You will now truly be the Servant of the People.”

His message to Clean up Ukrainian politics was a strong policy that resonated with voters who wanted to see a change in how the country is run devoid of corruption. He capitalized on this important issue and his comedy series while campaigning. His charisma as a comedian and his powerful anti-corruption message went down well with the voters and they bought into it leading to the historic victory. The entire citizens of Ukraine, home and abroad will look forward to better days under his leadership.

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