A widow’s Primary 5 pupil defiled: Chief arrested in A/R

A chief in the Asante region of Ghana is in police custody for allegedly defiling a 12-year-old Primary 5 pupil. The sad incident happened in the Freso, a farming community located in the Bosome Freho District of the Ashanti region.

The chief of the area was, therefore, picked the Ghana police when the alleged crime was confirmed by the medical report. The arrest was made by the Bekwai Divisional Police.

Nana Kofi Asumaning the alleged offender is being processed to appear in court on Monday in relation to the offense.

Medical reports from the hospital have proved that the 12-year-old girl has been defiled, thus penetrated and bruised. According to the story, the Chief Nana Kofi Asumaning allegedly asked the girl to go to his residence for an amount of GHS 10, being the cost of firewood he bought from the victim’s mother, a widow.

The ignorant little girl was taken undue advantage of as soon as she entered the house by the chief who should know better. He allegedly defiled the victim in the house on the day. He did not pay the money and warned the little girl not to report the incident to anyone, not even the mother. He asked her to come back for the money the next day.

When the girl returned the second day, the chief who was not satisfied with the crime he had committed, defiled her for the second time and did not pay the GHS 10.00 again.

The girl rushed home and informed the mother of the incident; however, the chief denied doing anything to the girl. The chief invoked curses on the girl and the poor widow in public for the false accusation.

However, a report made to the police led to the police requesting a medical report. The report proved that, the victim had been defiled and that, she had suffered multiple penetrations and bruises. This led to the immediate arrest of the chief

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