KNUST, Best University in West Africa

The best university in Ghana and West Africa, 14th best university on the African continent and 706th best university in the world, has been awarded to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

The 86-year-old Washington D.C. organization is recognized for ranking and assessing universities by academic community members worldwide and in their area on the basis of their study quality and ratings.

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The ratings by the US News and the World Report is created so that prospective students can make the best choices in terms of how universities compare internationally.

Therefore, it focuses specifically on the academic research and overall prestige of the institution. The top 1500 institutions in 81 countries worldwide were considered in ranking the best universities worldwide.

The first phase was to create the Clarivate Analytics Incites ratings, which included developing a pool of 1599 universities to rank among the top 1500 institutions. The second step consists of determining classifications based on 13 criteria and US weights. Media has decided to measure the performance of global research.

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KNUST’s worldwide reputation for science, with a global ranking of 42.4, was 1044, 21 local research. The publications were also 1572, 1189, 1,444, 33 standardization quotes, and 1,0409 were quoted as complete. They were included in the document.

KNUST also exceeded 949% of all publications, of which the 10% most quoted, 381 national foreign collaborations, as well as 15 international collaborations. KNUST is the best university in teaching, education and research in Ghana and West Africa as a whole for this latest ranking.

The American News and World Report is a multi-platform news and information publisher that includes; Each of the top 1500 profile pages in the university on lists both the overall global rating and numbers for the 13 indicators, so that students, scholars and university leaders can compare the ranking of each University in each indicator.

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