Joynews 2020 Election Poll is turning into an NPP nightmare

Joynews 2020 Election Poll

The Joynews polls on who wins the 2020 has seen over 42,000 votes. The NDC has obtained 57% whiles the NPP has 43%.

The election 2020 polls by Joynews is simply churning out a result that is becoming a nightmare of supporters of the ruling NPP. They seem to have lost their voices on the polls as many share their fears and frustrations about the government of the day.

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The ongoing Joynews 2020 Election Poll is breaking the back of the NPP and may be showing the reality on the ground.

Comments on the polls have revealed that, voters feel the NDC will win the 2020 elections because the party is not as corrupt as the NPP and that, with all the negative things, said about John Dramani Mahama, he appears a better angel and that Akufo-Addo has messed up.

In the view of others, John Dramani Mahama has proven an angel in this enterprise.

Sampled views on the Economy, Development and Infrastructure, Freedom of speech, Corruption, and more are shared below.


The dollar we were told could be managed better under Bawumiah is suffocating the cedi and Buwumia has no antidote.

Development and Infrastructure

Again the NPP has been accused of talking more than doing what is necessary while NDC talks less and does more. Had it not be covid19 most projects in the green book we were told were photoshops would not have popped up as the reality on the ground.

We need NDC to continue with the massive infrastructure projects started by JM, which will catapult our nation into a resilient economy for us all.

Just a few days ago, the so-called competent government supervised the construction of rail lines which were washed away, and in some instances, even the metals were washed away and cannot be traced. This kind of wastage is at a different stage.

Freedom of speech comments on Joynews 2020 Election Poll

One big worry of social media users is the fear that has gripped many who can not speak out for fear of being intimidated. “fear of speech” was what one comment used. NDC will surely win… Because the leadership of the party is visionary, not a tyrant, and also listens to the people.

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The corruption in this government is stinking. NDC needs to come back and save the country from total destruction by the NPP government.

The NPP is not honest with the people. They create slogans and make the media hype them as though something is happening but on the ground, it’s zero.

General Views on the Joynews 2020 Election Poll

The general hardship is just unbearable. NDC is the only way out! Akuffo Addo government is a mess and total waste of time, money, and state resources.

In 2016 and after experiencing his leadership for 3 years, I can confidently say, I made a mistake. The only PROMINENT thing he has been able to achieve is the FSHS. Every other promise was a MIRAGE.

It is obvious the Akyem government is losing its grounds. It has successfully tarnished the image of Mr. Alan Kyeremateng who obviously could have succeeded President Nana Addo.

The Ashantis are peeved and would definitely kick Nana out. Again, This government was accused by social media users for having little to show with regards to infrastructure vis-à-vis their borrowings.

With JM promising to maintain the teacher trainee allowances, it is a done deal for John Dramani Mahama to win the elections 2020.

The issues raised via comments on the Joynews 2020 Election Poll must guide the campaign messages of both parties however, none of them favours the NPP for the simple fact that, they are in power and their acts and so fresh in the minds of Ghanaians.

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