Hungry Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ SHS Students Chanting “We Want Food” Video Goes Viral

Hungry Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ SHS Students Chanting “We Want Food” Video Goes Viral

Free SHS Students of Our Lady of Lourdes Girls; have been spotted in a viral video  for food in their school. These free SHS students of Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ SHS were seen chanting loudly for food.

The plight of students at Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ Senior High School in Navrongo has recently come to light in a  serious heartbreaking video that has surfaced online.

The video shows a heartbreaking scene in which students clutch plates and bowls as their cries of desperation, “WE WANT FOOD,” continue to resonate through the hallways. Teachers watch the distressing scene, with no action and confused.

The urgent need for action is highlighted in this article, drawing attention to the challenges these Free SHS students face in pursuing their education.

The Growing Hunger Crisis in Our Schools

The video makes it clear that the students’ request for food stems from a widespread hunger problem in educational institutions.

It draws attention to the urgent need for attention and action. It is impossible to understate the effect of this crisis on students’ academic performance, physical health, and emotional wellbeing.

Free SHS Initiative and Its Promises

The authorities implemented the Free SHS policy with the admirable goal of eliminating financial barriers to education by offering free education to Ghanaian students.

However, it is critical to recognize the current difficulties that pose a threat to the successful implementation of this admirable program.

Understanding the Students’ Desperation

Understanding the causes of the students’ cries for food is crucial. Even though everyone now has access to education, ensuring that everyone is fed adequately is still a major concern.

These students now live in a distressing reality due to a lack of food, resources, and logistical difficulties. In all this every student is allocated GH¢1.50 pesewas for food per day.

The Impact on Academic Performance

Nutrition greatly influences a student’s ability to learn and achieve academic success. Concentration, cognitive function, and overall performance suffer from malnutrition.


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