How to Buy Cheap 2019 BECE Result Checker for GHS11.00 with Momo

How to Buy Cheap 2019 BECE Result Checker for GHS11.00 with Momo just got better. TheBECE 2019/2020 results will be released soon and already many wholesalers and retailers have started cashing in by pricing the checkers very high.

They are doing brisk business. Do you know you can buy the 2019/2020 BECE Result checker card for just GHS11.00?

Okay let me take you through the process we at have tested already and can confirm is working.

1. Click on the red button SELLPINCODE after you have understoond the procedure to buy your checker

2. On this page, you have the following options

OPTION 1 : You can buy the check using a short code

A. To buy the WAECresults checkers use the shortcode *920*44# and follow the procedure.

B. This procedure can be used to buy up to five (5) result checkers instantly from you Momo account. You can buy 1 up to 5WAECcheckers by simply dialing the short code *920*44#. Your checkerswill be deliveredinstantly via SMS to your phone

OPTION 2: This allows you to buy theWAECresults, checkers, online.

The procedure here is different but easierthan you can ever imagine. This method allows you to buy the checkers in bulk and print as well byfollowingtheirinstructions.

To order the cards,

a. Enter the details by selectionthe type of card you want. The options are Result Checker andBECE(Private) result

b. Select the quantityyou intend to buy. Each comes with the cost attached to it. For example, 3 result checkers is 3 (GHS33)

c. Select the method of payment through mobile money. You can pay with MTN, Vodafone cash andTigocash

d. Enter your mobile money number and click pay

e. Check the approval prompt on your phone. Just in case you down see it.

f. Navigate into your momo wallet, look for the heading My Approvals, and approve the transaction.

Please approve mobile money payment on your phone and click on the site (BLU BUTTON).

Click here to print your vouchers now and check yoUr phone for the code as well.

Choose the one that is convinient for you. Either he shortcode *920*44# or option 2.

Good luck and we hope we this procedures for buying BECE2019/2020 result checker worked for you. Click to buy now.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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