Horrific! Male Organ Served as Meat by food vendor

Horrific! Male Organ Served as Meat by a food vendor. Ghana’s are in shock after a student went to buy cooked food along the street and got home only to find she was given a male Organ (penis) as meat. The male organ was served the student as meat. As at the time of publishing this story, newsghana24 has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the meat.
Everyone is asking whether it is really a “penis”. How did this happen? This will be very difficult to explain for now until proper investigations are conducted into the matter. The video keeps trending and many Ghanaian who buy food such as cooked rice, Waakye  (Rice and Beans) and other related meals and buy meat, in addition, are asking if they have not been served human meat one way or the other. Are we safe, a lady asked when news ghana24 showed her the video. 
Such outcomes only make sales of other food vendors drop since the general public become extra careful in buying cooked food sold by food vendors on the street.
Until the Ghana police pick up the matter to do their own investigations this will remain a mystery. 
The meat which the female student held in her palm looked exactly like the make Organ without the scrotum. NEWSGHANA24 earlier on chanced on a text message circulating on social media that a student went to buy food and was given male Organ as meet. This allegation was difficult to substantiate but having seen the video we can confirm that the text message is true and the video even makes it look scary.
Many have come out to debunk the allegation on social media saying it might be the male organ of a horse but come to think of it. Ghanaians are not known for using horse for meat. How can this be? Others hold the view that it might be a sausage. 
We will update you on future developments on this story. 

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