Lockdown Abuses: Ghanaians celebrate soldier for being professional

Ghanaians celebrate soldier

Ghanaians celebrate soldier for being super professional in the discharge of his duty during the implementation of COVID-19 lockdown orders.

Officer Mfum, according to Ghanaian deserves commendation. HE WAS SEEN IN A VIDEO EDUCATING COMMUTERS ON THE NEED TO STAY HOME TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!

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When you know the people you enforce the law over, you find a way to apprise them with the law. Congratulations on your show of class!

Ghanaians celebrate soldier, one Officer Mfum on his selfless approach to work that showed the love for humanity.

Just as social media lambasted poor policing and military officers, they have an equal measure saluted him for his works.

Officer Mfum

He did not abuse them even though he could have done that. When many of his colleagues including some policemen and women were abusing people by beating, slapping and jitting then with sticks, he used his brain and not his brawn to drive home the common sense and logical reasons why civilians have to stay home.

This is the army officer who was seen educating the people in the Trotro as opposed to abusing them.

Great Officers deserve greater honor. Thanks for choosing to educate Ghanaians in trotro than abusing them.

He has earned the respect and heart of many a Ghanaian. He was the officer in one of the videos who chose civility as a means to educate persons who were violating the lockdown directive. He didn’t assault anyone but instead, he took time to explain to commuters why it was best to stay indoors. Ghana celebrates you, Officer Mfum.

As Ghanaians celebrate soldier Officer Mfum, let all other officers on the grounds emulate him. The citizens are also urged to follow laid out procedures and stay at home for their own good.

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