Ghana Police Service Daily Security Tips (PICTURES)

The Ghana Police Service has released some amazing tips to help citizens and non-citizens within the borders on Ghana stay safe. This is a timely innovation and needs to be commended especially in the wake of the mysterious kidnappings, rape, and killings.

Parents, Guardians,School children, workers and everyone needs these daily tips from the Ghana Police Service. Keep them in mind and use them daily while on your routines.

Today, Ghanaians live in fear and Children, girls and women have become more vulnerable. This strategy by the Ghana Police Service to give out tips to all and sundry through the social media is in place.

In a related development, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana, has published a detailed post on how to further stay safe titled “Kidnapping, All you need know to stay safe”

The content of this well written safety tips on kidnapping fits perfectly into the Ghana Police Security Tips (PICTURES) circulating on social media.

Ghana Police Security Tips (PICTURES)

Ghana Police Security Tip 1

Ghana Police Service

Be mindful of personal information you post on social media: Control what you put out there

Ghana Police Security Tip2

Ghana Police Security Tips

Look out for potential threats and people who approach you in hostile environment.

Ghana Police Security Tip 3

Inform trusted people of your movements and avoid spontaneous schedules

Ghana Police Security Tip 4

Ghana Police Security Tips

Install an alarm to alert any unusual entry

Ghana Police Security Tip 5

Let your parents or guardians know who your friends are

Ghana Police Security Tip 6

Ghana Police Security Tips

Turn on your vehicle headlights whenever you are driving in the rain. Rain impedes visibility. By turning on your headlights, other drivers are more likely to see your car.

Ghana Police Security Tip 7

Ghana Police Security Tips

Don’t give out personal information such as PINS and BANK ACCOUNTS through the email or over the internet unless you have initiated the contact and you are sure you know whom you are dealing with. Before sharing personal information, conform that, you are dealing with a legitimate individual or organization.

Ghana Police Security Tip 8

Walk with your head upright. Make eye contact. Thieves often target victims who are not paying attention to their surroundings or who are looking down.

Ghana Police Security Tip 9

Be selective with people you interact with on Social Media. It could be a fake account.

If all of us should apply these basic safety tips from the Ghana Police Service, we are more likely to be safer and prevent or avoid all the dangers such as rape, kidnapping, road accident, identity theft and the like. Stay safe. Be alert, Look smart and use your intuition at all times and never take things for granted.

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