Ghana needs proactive political leaders

Ghana needs Proactive political leaders. Yes, let the truth be told, ghanaians certainly prefer a government that is proactive so that, leadership can see the challenges and the needs of the people and act to deal with them instead of reacting when citizens take government on.

There are two groups of leaders under the sun; you are either a reactive leader or a proactive leader. And who you are determines the way to tackle issues.

Very often, the best leaders are those who take charge, initiative and ensure, they launch new novel strategies that bring about the needed change and results. They do this by taking proactive decisions, actions and steps. They dont waite for the problem to compound.

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The moment your leader begins to try to get along and pretend not to have seen the current challenges, or tries to conform and keep his head above the water, you as a follower must be worried. Such a leader will only keep the current way of doing things the way they are. Such a person tries to manage the current situation instead of finding a lasting solution to the problem.

This reactive action of government after every reaction by the citizens is worrying. Ghanaians want Nana Addo to be proactive at all times.

The first was the #Dropthechamber issue. Ghana’s put the political affiliations aside and spoke their mind without mincing words. The moment the heart got to the presidency; news broke in through the heated arguments, demonstrations and Ernesto Yeboah storm of parliament and the video that followed.

We want our president and all his political appointees to be proactive; don’t wait till we get pissed off before you do the needful. Proactive behavior distinguishes individuals from the pack, governments and organizations from the rest of the marketplace.

Ghana needs Proactive political leaders, yes. The Gregory Afoko case also gained prominence, the issue of the Police IGP and the CID boss not acting in accordance with the court order to grant him bail begun to trend and the needed solution might come soon.

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The next issue that compelled government to speed up its processes and react before things get out of hand is the LEKMA road. Now that the contractor has been brought on site, the ordinary people have won another battle. Ghana needs Proactive political leaders, we are tired of the reactive leadership.

Don’t be surprised if other issues are raised soon about another important matter. It looks as though, the way to go is to citizens, identify things government is delaying in doing, get it onto the social media, and the moment the issue begins to trend, you get the needed solution.

Must the ordinary people be doing the bidding when we have elected leaders who must have foresight and provide solutions? It is time, our leaders take serious, the need to do what is right.

We are entering into an election year soon and the Ghanaians electorate has become sophisticated over the last two and a half years of the presidency of President Nana Akuffo Addo. Ghanaians don’t want a reactive leader in Akuffo Addo; we want a proactive leader in him.

NPP faithfuls must be worried about the way the general public continues to vent out their frustrations in recent times and save the floating voters slogans such as #Thechangewevotedfor.

Contractors and engineers back on LEKMAN and we tag it #Thechangewevotedfor? We have got to be serious in this country. The truth is that, it is a neglected responsibility of government due to misplaced priorities.

If our political leaders in Ghana want to be the toast of us all, then, they must be ready to be proactive. Give the nation positive result surprises in all you do. To be proactive …

Scan for change opportunities

Scan for change opportunities within the nation that can help us achieve great leaps with efforts that add up little by little.

Proactive Leaders Set Effective, Change-oriented Goals

As a leader, set effective, change-oriented goals which will positively impact the lives of the people. The set goals ought to be achieve within a given time. such goals are realistic, Measurable and Achievable. The look for alternatives that work just in case.

Every proactive leader keeps asking questions, if…if… if…this allows you to think and anticipate likely outcomes so that, solutions can be gotten ahead of negative occurrences. The best leaders are able to anticipate and prevent problems from happening.

Any leader who is capable of this will surely succeed. Did our leader anticipate that, Ghanaians would kick against the new chamber for parliament? No, they never, it took them by surprise and they never had a plan be in place and so they called it off.

Proactive Leaders Do Different Things

Proactive leaders do different things, or do things differently. They do not follow the status quo in finding solutions to head aching problems. The desire of a leader to always find better ways of doing things will make them special and worth having as leaders.

Proactive Leaders Take Action

Proactive leaders dare to try; they challenge themselves to do what others don’t believe in. They take the needed action. Very often, proactive leaders act when others don’t expect and they keep a positive mind set focusing on the success story envisioned and not the obstacles thereof. They plunge despite the uncertainties.

Proactive Leaders Persevere

Perseverance is a common character of great leaders who are proactive. They persist till they get it done, and they do not know how to give up. In fact, they don’t take no for an answer and they don’t believe they cannot do it. Because such leaders don’t settle for less, they never get satisfied with comments like, we tried but. No way, they want to win and are ambitious.

Proactive leaders are achievers

Proactive leaders are achievers and they have results to show and these results speak for them loader than the comments they make. You can see the work they are doing right on the ground and followers attest o it.

These are the kind of people we need to lead our nation and organizations, to trandform them and set new standards based on good leadership. Let us not entertain reactive actions that show our weaknesses and make mocekry of our leadership capabilities. Such reactive actions only tell the ordinary people we are not aware of the direction of the ship we have been made masters of.

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