GETFund scholarships: NAPO, Adwoa Safo were ”brilliant and needy”

GETFund scholarships

If NAPO was brilliant and needy, then Adwoa Safo was brilliant and needy as well but this means our country is a wicked one. Yes, it is. How can you give sugar to him who has enough and leave those who need a little sugar to survive in life? If a student who does not deserve a scholarship can be helped with only the complimentary card of an MP to get a GETFund scholarship then we can also conclude that Ghana is a very wicked country.

If we defend such actions by persons in privileged positions, then we are losing our basic ethical principles.

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Today in Ghana, children of ordinary Ghanaians don’t deserve GETFund scholarships and that is the bitter truth. The reason why many students who are brilliant but never get the needed help from the GETFund is that such students are not connected and the politicians are blocking their chances of accessing it.

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Those who can fund their own education are those who are awarded scholarships in Ghana per the performance report. Why does the scholarship secretariate worry poor students to fill all manny of forms when they know they will not give them the needed help even when they deserve it.

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If an MP is giving a scholarship when he could afford it but the ordinary Ghanaians have to contribute for students to pay their fees in UPSA, UG, UCC and in the colleges of education, then you would agree with me that, Ghana’s politicians are our problem.

In universities like UPSA, students have to sometimes contribute to pay colleagues fees but politicians would access the GETFund and use unapproved means to obtain it.

If those who really cannot afford their fees and education, in general, are denied the opportunity created through the establishment of the GETFund because politicians and the rich engage in insider dealings to take away the cramps means for the poor, then Ghana is a wicked country.

Today, someone steals one fowl and is jailed 1 year, another steals hug government funds but he is walking and driving freely, indeed Ghana is wicked.

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The auditor generals revelations regarding the GETFund scholarship awarded to politicians who did not deserve it makes it clear that people in authority are there to enrich themselves.

In granting scholarships, the GETFund Secretariat did not institute a robust selection process from 2012 to 2017 and so haphazardly scholarships were granted to the detriment of those who really needed it.

GETFund did not institute controls to secure the efficient and effective disbursement of public funds resulting in the payment of GH¢1,895,238.31 for course extensions, change of schools and cost of deferrals which could have been minimized.

All those who accessed the GETFund scholarships inappropriately must refund the money released to them as scholarship. Please no long talk and defending tactics.

Everyone one of them and officers of the GETFund scholarships secretariate must also be held accountable for the root.

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