US Scholarship Program for STEM teachers in SHS

Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement

Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program is opened and targeted at SHS Tutors.

It is a US-sponsored program for Education and Cultural by the US government is open for Ghanaian teachers in Senior High Schools. The program is funded by the US government but administered by IREX.

What is the Fulbright TEA Program?

The Fulbright TEA Program takes international high school teachers (SHS teachers) to the United States for a six-week (6) long program. At the program in the US, participants will conduct academic workshops.

These workshops will cover issues relating to professional development at a host university.

It will offer Senior High School Teachers an opportunity to learn and share their experience with teachers and students at the host university and local high schools.

There will be General academic workshops and seminars which will focus on new teaching methodologies, student-centered learning, content-based teaching, teaching planning, and teacher training in teaching technology. A practical session related to this training and seminars will be at least 40 hours in local secondary schools with a U.S. partner educator and a range of relevant professional and cultural events.

What is the profile of the ideal Fulbright TEA candidate?

  1. Applicant must be a current full-time secondary school teacher of English, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), math, science, or special education at institutions serving primarily a local population.
  2. Must have not less than five(5) years of teaching experience by the start of the program. Note that Pre-service practicum years shall not be considered as experience in this regard.
  3. Candidates should be ready to work in a secondary school for at least five years after the program.
  4. Applicants must be educators with great leadership abilities and the ability to operate well with educators from all over the world in an intense and cooperative learning environment.
  5. Applicants should be able to afford to live together with people of different backgrounds and communicate with students (minors) and peers in U.S. high schools in a culturally sensitive manner.

However, the program willgivepreferencetoapplicantswho:

  • Are members of or who work with students from under-served communities or traditionally underrepresented groups including but not limited to women, racial, ethnic and religious minorities, people with disabilities, and the LGBTI community.
  • Have had few or no opportunities to travel to the U.S.
  • Have not previously received a Fulbright teacher grant.
  • Have not had substantial recent experience in the U.S., including study, teaching, research or employment for a period totaling more than 9-months during the past five years.
  • If you meet the basic requirements above , apply for the Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program now.

How to Apply:

Registeras a new applicant by creating an account for the online application at:

All applications received will be screened and ONLY short-listed applicants will be contacted and invited for an interview.

What is the deadline for applicants to submit their online application?

Online Application deadline is February 28, 2020.

What to do if you encounter problem filling the online application

An Online Application Guide for Applicants is attached to resolve problems. Referencing this guide may resolve the issue. If not, please send a message tofulbrighttea@irex.orgto receive guidance from IREX.

Please direct questions toAccraExchange@state.govfor more information.


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