Flagship Programmes by the Akuffo-Addo in Shai Osudoku District Assembly (SODA)

Mr. Daniel akuffo said the Shai Osudoku District Assembly (SODA) has rolled out many Flagship Programmes by the Akuffo-Addo government and projects in various sectors such as governance and security, education, health, water and sanitation, local economic development, roads, social protection and vulnerability, land use planning and management, disaster prevention and management.

The assembly chief was speaking during the meet the press series on Wednesday in Dodowa.

“I assumed office in May, 2017 with a lot of inherited challenges. The district had awarded over 40 projects that were at various stages of completion, some even abandoned,” said Mr. Daniel Akuffo. “Albeit these challenges seemed unsurmountable, with the use of resources within the District and Central Government as well as some development partners, we have been able to complete some of these projects including newly awarded ones.”

Apart from the projects, the assembly chief also disclosed that his administration, with the support of the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives and others, was successfully implementing most flagship programmes of the government.

“My tenure has also seen the implementation of Flagship Programmes rolled out by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana. It is also imperative to mention the support provided by the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives, Ghana First Company Limited and some companies in the District, especially Golden Exotics Company Limited and Shine Feel Company Limited.

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