Enemies Within: Jubilee House soldier in ‘coup plot’

The name of a soldier at the Jubilee House—the seat of government—is among those being suspected over the ‘Alajo Doctor’s coup plot.’

So far, Corporal Zakaria Waheed is among 11 others who are under investigations over their implication in the plot to destabilize the country and overthrow the government. His attachment to the seat of government where he has served for a while now as a guard has jolted many who have been following the story.

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The development feeds into the scenario of the detonation of the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and the subsequent kidnapping of the President as contained in the telltale video evidence now in the custody of investigators at the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the Defence Intelligence Directorate of the Ghana Armed Forces.

His appearance on the list also presents him as a ‘valuable asset’ — a term used in the spy community for important sources of intelligence.

Investigators would, for instance, want to find out details of his interactions with those who engaged him for the destabilization project, among other details.

The ultimate objective of the coup plotters can only be achieved with the involvement of somebody within the security details at the seat of government.

The decision of the plotters to get a suspect as Cpl Waheed could have been informed by this reality.

The extent of his involvement would only emerge when the court proceedings into the case are at an advance stage and especially when he enters the dock.

The video recording about the various scenarios which a few people have been privy to suggests that the IEDs are packed with an immobilizing chemical, the inhalation of which incapacitates those within the vicinity of the explosion

Source: dailyguidenetwork.com

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