Election 2024 is Do or Die; We Don’t Owe Anyone Any Explanation or Apology

2024 is Do or Die; We Don't Owe Anyone Any Explanation or Apology

Former President John Mahama has indicated that Election 2024 is Do or Die as for as the elections are concerned. A cross-section of Ghanaians have called on Mahama and the NDC to retract the statement and apologies however, the rank and file of the party have indicated that will not happen.

Mathew Atanga writes…on Election 2024 is Do or Die

2024 is Do or Die; We Don’t Owe Anyone Any Explanation or Apology

So now those NPP people who some time ago responded to the clarion call of “all die be die” from the incendiary Nana Akufo Addo are suddenly sharing tears over “Do or die” from John Mahama in 2024?
It appears the NPP after grabbing all our national resources now wants to also claim monopoly over the word “DIE”. They think only they are allowed to use that word in our polity.

Maybe the NPP and their hypocrite’s friends and sympathizers in the clergy, media, and also in some Civil Society Organizations should also take the monopoly of the “KILL” to complete the equation.
After all, the NPP killed several in 2020 setting the record of the deadliest election ever witness in Ghana history.

Nonetheless, I’m not surprised that this bunch of joking cabal are boiling over a harmless idiomatic expression that existed long before the discovery of Gold Coast. Who cares, after all, if Dr. Bawumia made them believe “review” to mean “cancel”, then “Do or Die” will be too complex a statement for their comprehension.

Indeed when graduates in a supposedly elites party takes inspiration from people like Kwame Baffoe aka Abronye DC, Chairman Wuntumi, Hopson Adorye, Owusu Bempa et al, then you can understand the magnitude of the problem. Well, honouring this joke from the NPP with a lengthy write-up will seem big an achievement to them.

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Ignoring obstructing noises saves the precious soul of needless stress.


Mathew Atanga
Communication Officer
Kintampo South

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