2 thoughts on “Don’t “Bully” teachers salaries and don’t touch it – Teachers react to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

  1. The 2018 batch of teacher trainees has received a lot from the eyes of this government, at first it was NTC after which NSS and currently Covid -19 which have delayed our payment of salaries. I want to ask, for how long will this government and it’s leaders will continue to inflict pain in us. God is watching them, they should take their salaries to feed themselves and their families in this critical situation and allow us to suffer.

  2. It’s only in this selfish country that such things can happen, why not the MPs who receive a lump sum of salary and even use some of this money to buy luxurious cars and others for their so called girl friends (side chicks).
    In fact, we all must be careful in the treatment of teachers.
    I don’t know now Maurice Apaw is the advisor of the President. Advice him not to even pay the salaries at all. 3tua wo yonkohoa 3tua duamu.

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