Daylight robbery in Dadeso, Policing is a challenge

Dadeso is a small village in begoro. Begoro is a town in the eastern region of Ghana, it serves as the administrative town for the villages around it including Dadeso. Dadeso, just like all villages in Ghana is underdeveloped, it has a small population, and there are bushes everywhere. The only security over there is a police checkpoint.

Armed robbery is a menace in every society and Ghanaian societies are no exceptions. Throughout the various regions in Ghana, we have had incidents of robbery cases, some ended very badly with victims being killed others also ended with culprits being gripped by the law or being gunned down as a result of a shoot-out. No one feels safe in a community being terrorized by armed robbers, who will take your properties which you have toiled to acquire over a brief period, hence the need for a security service.

Dadeso Arm Robbery Issues

Recently a gang of armed robbers are terrorizing Dadeso, these criminals have in their possession guns and machetes which they use to run their operation.

They have taken advantage of the bushes by the side of the road, so the hide beyond the site of passersby.

They mostly attack moving vehicles, because of the deplorable nature of their roads the vehicles move slowly on those roads. When they hear the sounds of the vehicle the quickly jump in front of it and ask the passengers to come out and when they do they make them lie on the grounds with their weapons pointed at them they rid the passengers of their valuables.

Two victims reportedly claim the lost a total of five thousand Ghana cedis to these robbers and their mobile phones too. On one occasion of the robbery operation, a driver’s mate was shot dead because he recognized one them and he called him out so the robber had to kill him.

Most Recent Attacks by robbers

Earlier this month a group of national service personnel posted to that part to serve their country were also attacked by these robbers, around 12; 30 pm in broad daylight. These national service persons were rid of their mobile phones and the little money they have. According to one of the witnesses who spoke to the reporter, this has been happening before they arrived to resume their duties, she said” they were four in number but we heard others in the bushes, but the police checkpoint wasn’t too far from where the incident occurred.

But when asked if they reported to the officers at duty at that time she responded in the affirmative but also added that the policemen said they also fear for their lives. Need I add that these policemen we are talking about are not community police personnel but fully trained policemen.

Even as we plead for assistance from appropriate authorities to aid the citizens out there both the residents and serving, I would like to establish a fact, the policeman was trained with the taxpayers money he/she is paid with the taxpayers money, so why is the taxpayer not enjoying the benefits of his /her taxes.

Whatever the reason may be, that made the policeman at Dadeso to make such a comment we don’t know and I also don’t want to believe all they were trained to do is to beat up civilians but what we know is that, the primary duties of policemen is to protect civilians from internal aggressions such as these, so please the whoever is in charge of these boys should please charge them to perform their duties.

We have heard various instances where policemen are directly and indirectly involved in armed robbery, I don’t want to believe this is such a case, I am tired of seeing people drag the name of our police service in the mud because of money.

I don’t think we need to hear bad news before we take action, we want to make a plea to the inspector general of Police to call his boys in Begoro, Dadeso to order, and also the national service secretariat to put measures in place to secure the lives of the personnel they posted there.

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