Daughter “beats” abusive dad after spending a night out – Video


A girl believed to be in her late teens has done the unthinkable by fighting her dad in public and beating him with a belt to reciprocate the dad’s punishment meted out to her. She challenged the dad to a fight after the dad had questioned her as to where she spent the night.

She was ordered by the father to get into the room but she refused and would not tell which man she spent the night with. This angered the father.

According to information gathered by NewsGhana24, the said student spent the night out but did not see anything wrong with her action.

The public is divided on the issue since the video popped up on social media. For many, what the girl did was wrong however, the dad should have been emotionally intelligent and deal with the situation carefully. To use a belt to beat the girl was a none starter for many.

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One comment on the video read “She did sth wrong but don’t use your f**king belt on her especially knowing she’s a girl. But he’s been beating his wives and sh*t but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation.”

Another section of the public has gone “mad” and can’t understand why the daughter should beat the father to retaliate while the father was helping shape her future and protecting her from likely pregnancy.

One such comment read “fighting your own father because he’s trying to penalize you for spending the night out without his consent. The world is truly coming to an end”

Another section of the public holds the view that the dad was right in questioning the whereabouts of his daughter but the approach he used for doing that in pubic and subsequently beating her are both wrong ways to put his daughter under checks.

It took the intervention of two young men at the scene to stop the exchange of beatings between father and daughter but the father tried to resist any attempt to separate them as he wanted to dish out more lashes to the daughter to deter her from repeating the act of staying outside at night till the next morning.

One thought on “Daughter “beats” abusive dad after spending a night out – Video

  1. For a girl to do that respect for an abusive father vanished long time ago. The same bible that says Children obey and honour your parents says, parents don’t provoke your children to anger. She will not be doing things they way she does if he had brought her up properly. Bring up a children properly and they will be proper children.

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