COVID-19 Lockdown lifted but Ghanaians are sad and scared

COVID-19 Lockdown lifted

COVID-19 Lockdown lifted, but Ghanaians are sad and scared. You do not need rocket signs to tell this. Social media has been buzzing with many unanswered questions. For many, the lifting of the lockdown is wrongly timed and too early as many were expecting other regions to be added to the lockdown areas of Accra, Kasoa and Greater Kumasi.

For some, the lifting of the lockdown is an answered prayer. Wild jubilations on the streets of Accra leaves much to be desired.

But the results of polls on twitter showed that the decision of the president to lift the partial lockdown did not meet the expectations of Ghanaians. One such poll by Analimbey, A. Chris on twitter, showed that 77% of participants expected an extension of the lockdown.

Fellow Ghanaians, the majority of the population expect President Akufo-Addo to extend COVID-19 Lockdown. Below are the results of a quick poll I did. ….and still counting.

After we lifted the lockdown, IMANI Africa and Citinewsroom have also started a poll to determine if the lifting of the lockdown orders was the best after Ghana’s case crossed 1000. The result so far showed that many believe the decision is not the best cause of action. 82% of respondents in the IMANI Africa poll believe it is not the best cause of action while 66.6% of respondents in the Citinewsroom poll think the lifting of the restriction is a bad move.



The president while announcing the lifting of the partial lockdown revealed that it based the decision on science and data. Lesotho has no Covid-19 case, yet they are still in 21 days lockdown and sure of an extension but Ghana with 1042 cases, 9 death has been left off guard as the President lifted the lockdown. 

We sample below views on the lifting of the lockdown.

Opinion 1: Personally, I feel it is too early for the ban on movements to be lifted, knowing how difficult it is for our people to observe social distancing and not when we have recorded 1000+ positive cases. Let us all pray and hope that the lifting of this ban on movements does not backfire. God bless our homeland, Ghana.

Opinion 2: Big Bro I’m very disappointed at the President because I thought he will announce a total lockdown. Well, I’m in my personal house 🏡. To me and my family, we’re in total lockdown for 2 weeks. President’s words can’t deceive me to start thinking coro is gone. Goodnight 😴

Opinion 3: The President only lifted the Lockdown based on scientific information available to him. If you disagree with him why don’t you continue your personal Lockdown? Or he’s instructed you to come out of your home by force? We have only one President of Ghana.

Opinion 4:  #Covid_19GH: So what happened to the powerful quote: We know how to bring the economy back to life but what we do not know is how to raise the dead? Have we suddenly learnt the trick to raise the dead? Charlie…

@NAkufoAddo  is just a BIG MAN, that’s all.

Opinion 5:  Lockdown lifted but as the Prez himself said, “WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET”. Please continue to wash hands, wear nose masks and keep the social distance. CORO is still ACTIVE.


Whst is your personal take on the lifting of the lockdown after 1042 cases?


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