COVID-19, Easter and its lost significance in the 21st Century


Easter is an important Christian’s religious celebration to mark the death and resurrection of Christ, whose death and resurrection give relevance to the Christian faith.

Amid COVID-19, the death and resurrection of Christ must draw mankind back to the true path in obedience to God’s word. This Easter is very special because God has moved mankind and the entire earth into a lockdown mode. As we mark the death and resurrection of Christ, the entire world must cling unto him as He delivers us not from a plague but our stubborn, sinful lives.


However, this important celebration of the faith is losing its significance during our era and in the name of modern culture and the practice of vices during the Holy Week.

Easter is an important time in the year when Christians and all who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ to solemnly reflect on the love of God and his greatest sacrifice for and on behalf of mankind.

The church must preach salvation, the need for repentance and making Christ the linchpin of our lives.

Jesus the Christ, the second person in the trinity was sacrificed on the Cross on Good Friday to atone for the sins of generations before Him, at His time and into our present generation and the future to come.

His resurrection is a symbol of God’s victory and hope for the Christian and the glorious promise of the risen Christ of eternal life for all who believe in Him.

This is what Christians all over the world must focus on as we mark the death and resurrection of Christ every year of our lives and walk with him.

Easter is a time in the year when Christians must reignite their faith in Christ. If Christ has not resurrected after His crucifixion, He would have been a mere teacher or prophet.

Sadly, Easter is when many visit drinking spots to drink their lives away, engage in many social vices that are not in agreement with the reasons for the season. Thankfully, many across the world will have none of these because of covid-19.

These ungodly acts only mock the saving power and sacrifice of God to bring mankind back to Himself and create a new opportunity for a deeper fellowship. It is a sacrifice that ensures that mankind comes into contact with divinity in the unfailing love of God for his most valuable creation.

In the not long past, people cry their hearts out each time they watch the passion of Christ or any movie that tells the story of Christ’s crucifixion. They understood the power of God’s gift for them and connected with that. Today, it is not like that, many have no connection with the story of the crucifixion of Christ. COVID-19 makes Easter more relevant as many are dying, those who by grace get the chance to observe Easter this year must rise above their sins into righteousness.

Many Christian may have become mere churchgoers who cannot connect with the true meaning of Easter. Easter Monday activities by some Christians at picnics can paint a gloomy picture of today’s Christian. Yet this year’s picnic will be celebrated indoors. Let all who appreciate the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, use the opportunity to reexamine their lives again.

Let Easter, this year, lead to a total transformation of your total being and connect with the true meaning of God’s love displayed on the cross for your sake and bring others to Him for His glory. Happy Lockdown Easter to the world and all believers.


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