Corruption is breakfast to incumbent governments

Corruptionis breakfast to incumbent governments, while the opposition fastbecausethey do not have any opportunityto becorruptthan to speakagainstit. We all believed that NanaAddohad the men who will say no tocorruptionbut…Hmmm

Africa and Ghana shall be doom forever unless we free ourself fromcorruptionentirely. Nothing good will come from Ghana and Africa if our leaders loot, steal, grab andsiphonedour resources meant for development.

Corruption in Ghana and its related news is becoming too rampant and wrapped in scandals. What are the factors thatcontributeto corruption in Ghana? Greed,lackof leadership, selfishness among politicians,the inability ofthegovernmenttoprosecuteits own corruptappointees. These make the practicevery veryattractive tolike-mindedpersons.

Corruption in ghana in 2019 has taken a bigger dimension with political curruption leading the race.

The nature of corruption in Ghana today is such that, many well-networked persons in leadership are cashing in.

How to reduce corruption in Ghana is simple, politicians should startprosecutingtheir own people. This is one of the finest solutions to this canker. But they will never do it.Governmentis now clearing all its appointees ofcorruptioncharges even if theyare caughton video engaged in the act.

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While theNPPis excitedin rolling out one scandal one day, theNDCis fastingbecause, it does not have the opportunity yet to also make the wrong choices, but the wrong people inpositionsto seek their personal interest.

Politicians have been and will be the chronic headache of this nation unless there is a new true selfless leader who surrounds himself with sincere, trulyGod-fearing, ethical appointees. Who first of all have this nation at heart and want to sacrifice their all in all for its success and development.

African Politicians don’t presecute their own currupt apointees

The NPP goverment is presecuting some 21 persons under the previous administration but has failed to touch its onw people caught in the same act.

Theundeniabletruth is that African leaders of today neverprosecutetheir own people foundto becorrupt. This isbecause, such an act will go against theirgovernmentand the citizens will confirm their fears that they have acorruptgovernment.

If this happens, there is a high possibility of the electorate voting out such a government. Every true member of the NewPatrioticPartymust beworried by the rate at whichcorruptionand very worrying scandals have rocked thisgovernmentand the big boys within it.

Any leader or group of people in leadership who attempt to make those they govern believe glaring corruption by is no crime and that nothing is wrong with it, are nation wreckers.

The fact is politicians CANNOT persecute their own people. Those caught in corruption postures, activities and acts in this government cannot belong to any other party than theNPP.

We have seen how this government continues to loot this nation and give back little to society only torequirethe people to hail them as saviours of the land.

Any father who cannot look at his child in the face and tell him, you are wrong is himself a partner in crime.

Governmentappointees must learn to accept criticism and know that the truth is bitter for their wrong actions. Thegovernmentin power in Ghana is not thegovernmentof saints.

Thecurrentcorrupt government is doing well and a lot of you these appointees may go to jail one day. The ordinary people are seeing and hearing…we are disappointed, to say the least.


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