Comprehensive Sexuality Education- Antichrist and Risky for Ghana

An orchestrated attempt to turn children across Ghana into “Sex Toys and objects” is gaining attention and the GES is blindly leading us where we don’t want to go.

Life is not all about sex education, allow our children to learn science, Technology, coding and develop their intellectual capabilities devoid of Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

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You cannot call a piglet a puppy because the piglet is still a baby pig. A piglet will one-day grow to become a pig. Inference is that the GES cannot say this is not an CSE material.

The common truth is that, children must grow teeth before they can be taught how to chew bones and not the reverse.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education – Must we give in?

Let us not allow foreign cultures to determine for us what is good and acceptable within our culture.

We can’t give in and must not allow this to have it way. The fact that

Ghana has fallen to this new world order agenda but we must rise against this as a nation and collectively say an endless no to this attempt to indoctrinate our children.

The western world has its agenda to force their cultures on us. The fact that Comprehensive Sexuality Education Courses (CSE) have been accepted by the western world is no justification for us to rush our children into it. It is not one of the new trends Ghana as a nation is ready to accept.

We as a nation cannot watch unconcerned while government and policy makers are drugging the future of this nation into one that will accept unnatural sex related values into our culture.

CSE Education will not only destroy our culture only but also create business opportunities for the west, their multinational business that stand to gain from this ungodly attempt to teach all manner of sexual acts and behaviours.

Modernity is full of wrong things that have been well marketed to make them look true and right.

We hold the view based on faith as a Christian, Muslims and Traditional worshipers that this goes contrary to the teachings our faith.

In every society and country there are ideals and what is acceptable. In other parts of the world, these things may be accepted due to their social orientation, culture and faith. They can go ahead with it.

We must say a big no to it. A loud no, an endless no. If not we will destroy and infiltrate our cultures with these things that are alien to us. It is not everything western that is good and Comprehensive Sexuality Education Courses (CSE) is one of them.

This orchestrated attempt will one day become what we see and fear it to be.
The dangers of such a well thought of plans to “Satanize” our kids are endless.Drop Comprehensive Sexuality Education Courses (CSE) now!!!

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond |Human Rights Activist|Author| Public Speaker| Budding Leadership and Research Expert |Educationist and Author |

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