VIDEO: Bride-in-coffin for Wedding ceremony goes viral

Bride-in-coffin for Wedding ceremony goes viral

Bride-in-coffin for Wedding ceremony is one of the weirdest plans any woman can ever imagine to enter the church for her marriage ceremony. Well that was the case.

The video of a bride arriving at her wedding in a coffin went viral and everyone is wondering what was informed this strange decision in the first place.

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Bride-in-coffin for Wedding ceremony is uncommon and the world is supper hooked to social media and everyone is doing everything humanly insane just to gain some little bit of fame online.

When the Bride-in-coffin video started, it looked like a funeral of someone as the coffin was laid in public and covered with. All this while many waited patiently for the arrival of the bride anxious for the moment.

Alas, they were shocked. The groom kept dancing with the coffin and everyone seemed confused. It was a mammoth scream in the auditorium when the groom opened the coffin, then the bride sat in the coffin and started dancing her heart out with endless excitement.

OMG! The bride launched into her own world of crazy dance to the delight of everyone gathered in the room. Probably she resurrected from being a spinsters into a new paradigm of life as a married woman and decided to use the coffin to demonstrate her transition.

When he had presented the pride they were all waiting for camera’s popped up everywhere to get memorable shoots of this strange wedding with the Bride-in-coffin.

The video is very amusing and weird and not the kind of thing faint hearted ladies would dare to do.

Very strange choices by young people of today just to wow everyone and make their day memorable and trend on social media is becoming a norm. Some of the choices and what they decide to do need to be carefully sensitized and the right thing done if not a lot of crazy things will continue to flood the internet in the name of fame.


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