Boy ‘imprisoned’ at home for 20yrs due to medical condition

The medical conditions of a boy who is now 23 years compelled his family to get him locked up for 20 years.

The now 23 years old identified as Basty Abass, passes urine, defecates, eats and sleeps in his confined room which has been secured to prevent him from coming out.

Daily supplies of food and water are made available to him through the window of his room.

These supplies according to neighbours within the Nkwanta south of the Oti region is not consistent. This compels him to cry for help when he is so hungry and thirsty.

Caring strangers and passers-by come to his aid, with water. His medical condition makes him look like someone in his teens when he is actually 23 years of age.

Basty’s father, Mallam Abass Abdulai, informed that the family kept him in isolation due to his medical condition.

For the past 20 years, he has survived being naked with no clothing, panties, bedding or even a mat and electricity. He sleeps in unhygienic and horrifying conditions in a room that has no cement floor.

Mallam Abdulai told the reporter Cindy D. M Asamoah (Ohemaa Maade) Beyond FM that his son is epileptic and is unable to independently think for himself, understand what he is told or take care of himself. Efforts to get help for him has not yielded positive results.

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The father added that, because the boy defecates anywhere, he was compelled to confine him so that he does not get attack by the disease in the open.

Another reason for his confinement was to avoid the embarrassment from outsiders coming to tell him the father that Basty has suffers an attack while in public.

He was also kept naked because he defecates and urinates in his clothes and everything around him.

Sadly, Basty was abandoned by the mother when he was 1 ½ years old and she has since then not returned and he had to be raised by his grandmother who passed on later.

Basty’s health keeps deteriorating and needs help.


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