Bank of Ghana reacts to Game rejecting GH¢200 note as payment

Game rejecting GH¢200 note

Game rejecting GH¢200 note as payment from customers has caught the attention of the Bank of Ghana.

The Bank of Ghana has encouraged the general public particularly retail outlets, to accept the new GHC100 and GHC200 currency notes as they remain legal tender.

Game rejecting GH¢200 note

The advice follows a viral video where a customer was allegedly turned away at a Game shop when he issued a 200 cedi note to pay for items he had purchased.

On November 29 2019, the Bank of Ghana announced that it had issued the new 100 and 200 Cedi notes which would be in circulation.

Game rejecting GH¢200 note

In addition, the central bank issued a new 2 cedi coin.

The Bank of Ghana, among other things explained that the new cedi notes would be limited in circulation as it will be restricted to high-value transactions and will not be dispensed by ATMs.

But this caveat seems to have brought about challenges.

Tellers at some retail outlets have refused to accept the notes.

A customer, only known as Godwin in a viral video on social media, recounted how he was turned away at the Game shop at the Achimota Retail Centre.

“I am paying for my items I bought from Game with 200 cedis, but the manager and Tellers here say they are not going to accept the money which is a legal tender,” he said.

Following this, Citi Business News understands that the Head of Financial Stability at the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Joseph France, and the Head of Currency Management Department, John Gyamfi, have engaged the management of Stanbic bank whose agent is alleged to have directed the rejection of the currency.

The officials have since advised all retail outlets to accept the 100 and 200 cedi notes as a legal tender at their various shops. Game rejecting GH¢200 note and the reason that informed their decision is not clear yet.



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