Ayodhya ruling : Court gives the Hindus disputed land

The Court ordered the formation of a trust that would build a temple for Lord Ram while Muslims would be given alternative land. This was part of the famous Ayodhya ruling.

Before the Ayodhya ruling, The Hindu controlled disputed religious site in the town of Ayodhya for the construction of a temple, landmark verdict came with increased security across the country.

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However, Muslims will receive five acres of land at an alternate location in Ayodhya, northern Uttar Pradesh, which was decided by the Supreme Court on Saturday.

At the center of the row is the 16th Century Babri Mosque, torn down by Hindu mobs in 1992, which sparked riots that killed almost 2,000 people.

The Ayodhya case has been vociferously litigated for years by Hindus and Muslims, as to who owns the land at the center in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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In a unanimous verdict, the court noted that the report of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) presented evidence that the remains of a building “which was not Islamic” under the demolished Babri mosque.

The streets of Ayodhya had a desolate feel, with very few businesses operating after the Ayodhya verdict on Saturday morning by the supreme court.

Citizens were seen in some places raising Jai Shree Ram’s slogans [Hail Lord Ram] and congratulating each other.

Whereas the Muslims are satisfied with the expectation that Yodhya will remain peaceful, the majority Hindu community welcomes the court’s decision.

The Indian people are expected to bury their difference over the land with the Ayodhya verdict by the supreme court out so as to forge a common front toward development in peace and unity. #Ayodhyaverdict it is possible, and so leaders called on the citizens to remain calms a day before the Ayodhya ruling was read.

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