African Cup of Nations to be staged every four years – Fifa President Infantino proposes

African Cup of Nations

African Cup of Nations, the competition for Africa’s senior national teams is held every two years, however, there is a new proposal for the biannual event on Africa’s football calendar to be staged every four years. The new suggestion is coming from the FIFA President Infantino.

“I propose to organise the Africa Cup of Nations every four years rather than two years,” the Fifa President said.

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“The CAN [Africa Cup of Nations] generates twenty times less than the Euros. Having a CAN every two years, is that good at the commercial level? Has this developed the infrastructure? Think about spending it every four years,” Infantino told delegates in Rabat.

The next Africa Cup of Nations to be hosted by Cameroon in 2021 is scheduled for January and February. For the first in the history of the African Cup of Nations, it was played in June and July in 2019 in Egyptian and was extended to 24 teams.

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Infantino speaking about the Africa Cup of Nations, described the move as a way to improve African football using specific areas identified as needing “intervention” to better shape he market the game in Africa.

“We have to develop African solutions to African problems. We have identified three areas for intervention namely refereeing, infrastructure and competitions….I think it’s time to stop talking about the development of African football, and take actions. No African team has won the World Cup. And there is an impression Africa is going backward”

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Some of the initiatives will be :

  • The creation of a women’s world nations league
  • The starting of a pan-African club competition comprising 20 permanent member clubs.
  • The creation of a group of professional referees which will be financed and organized by Fifa in partnership with Caf.
  • 20 best referees from Africa will be offered professionalize training and given permanent, professional contracts.

One thought on “African Cup of Nations to be staged every four years – Fifa President Infantino proposes

  1. Can I ask you something mr FIFA? you want this to make things easy for europeans clubs. So you want africans to make things easier for europeans?

    Well now my qeustion

    Will europeans dp the same for african clubs? No? FUCK OFFFF THEN. On fire with your idea and in the trash can with it. Come back when european clubs day that they would do the same for africans. Then we can talk

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