2024 BECE Social Studies Mock Objective Test Questions With Answers

2024 BECE Social Studies Mock Objective Test Questions With Answers HOT: Master These Areas Before Your 2022 BECE Social Studies Paper 2022 BECE Social Studies Revision Questions For Candidates

Get into the exa mood with our 2024 BECE Social Studies Mock Objective Test Questions With Answers from Education-News Consult’s BECE Home Mock 1

Candidates, teachers, and schools preparing for the 2024–2026 BECE can make good use of these 2024 BECE Social Studies Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers For Students.

2024 BECE SOCIAL STUDIES Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers For Students

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Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each question. Give only one answer to each question

1. What does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights aim to promote?
A. Animal rights
B. Equality and dignity for all individuals
C. Economic growth
D. Freedom of speech for governments

2. Which of the following is an example of external factors influencing self-identity?
A. Personal values
B. Family upbringing
C. Personality traits
D. Favorite colour

3. Which term refers to the number of live births per 1,000 people in a given year?
A. Mortality rate
B. Birth rate
C. Immigration rate
D. Emigration rate

4. Which direction does a compass needle point to?
A. North
B. South
C. East
D. West

5. Which term refers to a disagreement between two or more parties that can lead to conflict?
A. Agreement
B. Negotiation
C. Dispute
D. Cooperation

6. Which of the following is a non-violent method of conflict resolution?
A. War
B. Mediation
C. Revenge
D. Retaliation

7. Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit of volunteerism?
A. Gaining new skills
B. Feeling a sense of purpose
C. Earning a salary
D. Building a sense of community

8. What causes the formation of clouds in the sky?
A. Dust particles in the atmosphere
B. Volcanic eruptions
C. Ocean currents
D. Sunspots

9. What was the significance of Ghana becoming the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence?
A. It led to the end of colonialism in Africa.
B. It resulted in immediate economic prosperity.
C. It had no impact on other African nations.
D. It led to Ghana’s re-colonization.

10. What does Human Resource Development (HRD) primarily focus on?
A. Natural resource management
B. Developing the workforce’s skills and knowledge
C. Environmental conservation
D. Promoting international relations

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11. Which of the following is an example of a training method often used in HRD?
A. Constructing buildings
B. Distributing pamphlets
C. Conducting job interviews
D. Providing workshops and seminars

12. What is a community?
A. A group of people who live in the same house
B. A group of people who share common interests and values
C. A group of people from different countries
D. A type of business organization

13. Which of the following is an example of a local community organization?
A. An international charity
B. A neighborhood watch group
C. A global corporation
D. A national government agency

14. What is the purpose of community services?
A. To generate profit for the community
B. To provide goods and services to neighboring countries
C. To address the needs and well-being of local residents
D. To promote individualism and self-reliance

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15. What is air pollution primarily caused by?
A. Excessive noise
B. Contaminated water sources
C. Harmful emissions and pollutants in the air
D. Deforestation

16. What is the term for the process of finding, obtaining, and keeping a job?
A. Employment
B. Education
C. Entrepreneurship
D. Entertainment

17. What is the dependency ratio in population structure?
A. The ratio of children to adults in a population
B. The ratio of people who work to those who don’t in a population
C. The ratio of elderly people to the total population
D. The ratio of urban to rural residents in a population

18. What is the fundamental characteristic of a republic?
A. Rule by a monarch
B. Rule by a single political party
C. Elected officials represent the people
D. No government or leaders

19. What is the minimum legal age for full-time employment in many countries?
A. 14 years old
B. 18 years old
C. 21 years old
D. 25 years old

20. What is the term for the act of voluntarily leaving one’s job or position?
A. Retirement
B. Promotion
C. Resignation
D. Termination

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21. Who holds the highest executive authority in a republic?
A. The monarch
B. The president
C. The military
D. The parliament

22. Which type of map would be most useful for finding the elevation of a mountain?
A. Political map
B. Topographic map
C. Climate map
D. Road map

23. What is the primary attraction at Mole National Park in Ghana?
A. Historic forts
B. Dense rainforests
C. Wildlife safaris
D. Art galleries

24. Which city in Ghana is famous for its vibrant arts and crafts scene, attracting tourists?
A. Kumasi
B. Cape Coast
C. Accra
D. Tamale

25. What is the primary historical significance of the Cape Coast Castle?
A. It served as a trading post for textiles
B. It played a key role in the transatlantic slave trade
C. It was a royal palace for Ghanaian kings
D. It served as a military fort during colonial times

26. What is the primary goal of energy conservation?
A. To increase energy production
B. To reduce energy consumption
C. To promote energy exports
D. To use energy inefficiently

27. The colour used on maps for vegetation is
A. Brown
B. Green
C. Yellow
D. Red

28. Who was the president of the third republic of Ghana?
A. Dr Kwame Nkrumah
B. Dr. K. Abrefa Busia
C. Dr. Hilla Limann
D. Dr. L.B Danquah

29. The second republic of Ghana covered the period
A. 1957 to 1960
B. 1960 to 1966
C. 1966 to 1969
D. 1969 to 1972

30. The 1979 Constitution of Ghana was the ……
A. First after independence
B. Second after independence
C. Third after independence
D. Fourth after independence

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31. In a population pyramid, what does a narrow top indicate?
A. A high birth rate
B. A high death rate
C. A large elderly population
D. A predominantly young population

32. What is the term for a population with a roughly equal number of males and females?
A. Gender imbalance
B. Population diversity
C. Population parity
D. Gender parity

33. What is the term for a family structure consisting of one parent and their biological or adopted children?
A. Nuclear family
B. Extended family
C. Blended family
D. Single-parent family

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34. What is the significance of the family institution in society?
A. It primarily serves as a means of economic production.
B. It is a key agent of socialisation and support.
C. It determines an individual’s career path.
D. It has no role beyond providing shelter.

35. The intention to reduce the negative consequences of conflicts through theories and methods is termed as ………
A. Conflict planning
B. Conflict resolution
C. Conflict management
D. Conflict termination

36. All the following are outcomes of volunteerism except …….
A. Fighting against social exclusion
B. Eradication of poverty
C. Development of education
D. Gaining financial reward

37. Which of the following is described as the period of prolonged water shortage?
A. Season
B. Drought
C. Temperature
D. Flood

38. Which type of climatic zone lies between the forest and the Savannah area?
A. Coastal Savannah
B. Transition zone
C. Guinea Savannah
D. The Rainforest

39. In which climate zones to the forests lose their leaves at various periods of the year?
A. Deciduous forest
B. Coastal Savannah
C. Rain forests
D. Guinea Savannah

40. Demand drives ……………… when consumers use less energy.
A. Down prices
B. Up prices
C. Double up prices
D. Lessen prices


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