2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topics To Watch

BECE/WASSCE English Language Marking Scheme 2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topics To Watch For Junior High School Candidates for the BECE starting August 7th

2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topic To Watch Have Been Released By Ghanaeducation.org. These topics are based on data and are not leaked areas.

In this post, we share with our cherished readers and candidates 2023 BECE Social Studies Ten Top Likely Areas To Watch (Projected).

Passing the Social Studies Paper is easy if candidates follow our guidelines in the post: How to Answer BECE 2023 Social Studies Questions

The Social Studies Paper is divided into three subheadings (PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT, and GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, AND STABILITY.

Candidates, teachers, and schools should spend time revising all topics and give some more attention to these topics. Do not underestimate any topic in social studies and do not spend all your time revising with only the topics mentioned here.

When studying and revising these topics, use questions. Ask questions or write down all the possible section B questions that can be asked from the topic and answer them.  Keep reading through the answers as part of the revision. Do well to study in groups as well and with only serious students. Also, do your independent study and work hard towards success.

2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topics To Watch


  1. The environment and its challenges
  2. Mapping our environment
  3. Ghana my country


  • Culture
  • Adolescence
  • Managing finances
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education, training and Productivity Resources
  • Problems of development



  1. Culture
  2. Adolescence
  3. The environment and challenges
  4. Ghana my country
  5. Significant features on earth


Environment Topics In order of importance (Topics)

  1. Environment and problems
  2. Culture and change
  3. Mapping our environment
  4. Adolescent reproductive health
  5. Ghana my country
  6. Significant features on earth


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  • Citizenship
  • Constitution
  • Road to independence
  • Government and society
  • Maintaining law and order
  • Conflict

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We hope these 2023 BECE Social Studies Projected Topics To Watch are taken seriously.


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