1D1F: Nana Addo delivers Ekumfi Pineapple factory

Ekumfi Pineapple factory has been delivered by Nana Addo under the 1D1F policy. For a whopping eight years, the NDC was languorous in its leadership and could not bring up factories to help in the industrialization drive of the economy.

In their last year, they came up with a rickety of a sugar factory at Komenda. The insipidity with which they governed blindfolded them so much so that they decided to put up the factory before thinking about the raw materials to feed the factory.

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The signs and warnings were on the wall but they ignored them. Several research studies were done about the practicability of citing the factory in Komenda when raw materials would be difficult to come by.

1D1F Nana Addo delivers Ekumfi Pineapple factory

Buoyed by the electoral benefits they would derive from the project, they ignored all the beautifully presented and written pieces of advice and went ahead to build the Komenda Sugar Factory.

Suffice it to say that it has since become a white elephant because of the unavailability of the raw materials required to feed the machines to swing into operation.

The NPP promised to build as many factories as possible in almost every district in Ghana.Hence Nana Addo delivers Ekumfi Pineapple factory to proof he will continue to keep the promise.

Factories such as this have the potential to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs for the teaming youth and graduates of this country and help solve the unemployment challenges of today.

Though quite a sizeable number of them are being built, some are in operation, churning out products for the Ghanaian market and beyond.

The Ekumfi Pineapple Factory is in full operation. You can see for yourself some of its handiwork.

This is not a Green Book kind of evidence. This is reality. May God continue to bless President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia.

One good term deserves another. The alternative is not only scary but empty as well.

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