12-year-old school girl needs $7000 for critical heart surgery

12-year-old school girl Atrakpo Peace needs $7000 to undergo an important surgery to help deal with her Rheumatic Heart Disease. This money will help Atrakpo Peace undergo the surgery.

Her parents are calling on the general public, corporate organizations, NGOs and philanthropists to come to their aid.  The teachers and entire pupils of the Wlitey RC Primary School where little Atrakpo Peace is a pupil have added their voice to the urgent call to seek for help to save the life Peace.

This funds if raised will go a long way to help pay her to pay the bills at the health facility and also speed up the treatment process. The little girl is receiving medical treatment at the Korle bu Teaching Hospital in Accra and needs to do this very important surgical operation.

The Rheumatic heart disease is a condition caused by the damage of one’s heart valves by rheumatic fever. When strep throat or scarlet fever is not properly treated this can lead to the sad health challenge facing the young girl. This inflammatory disease usually affects persons of all ages. The connective tissues in the heart, joints, skin, and the brain are often affected by Rheumatic heart disease.

12-year-old school girl needs $7000 for critical heart surgery
12-year-old school girl needs $7000 for critical heart surgery

According to health experts, the fever that leads to the disease takes between 1 to 6 weeks after one has suffered the symptoms but it may go on for long unnoticed. It may go away sometimes before one seeks medical attention making it more difficult to diagnose in such an instance.

Typical symptoms include fever, swollen tender and red painful joins at the knees and ankles. Other symptoms include shortness of breath as well as some discomfort at the chest. One’s arms may become uncontrollable so are the legs and facial muscles

One of the surest ways to treat rheumatic heart disease is by surgery. This explains why little Peace needs help urgently to give her the peace of mind she needs to join her friends in school and live a normal life as a child.

Treatment depends largely on how much damage has been done to the heart valves. In severe cases, treatment may include surgery to replace or repair a badly damaged valve. All who are touched by this sad story and appeal should kindly make their donations into

Account Number: 5011010006974
Account Name: Atrakpo Beatrice

Your support is needed. Let us all rally around Atrakpo Peace and make her proud and loved by us all. For further enquiries, kindly reach out to the parents whose contact details have been provided below. No amount is small. Support a worthy cause, put back that big smile on the face of Atrakpo Peace.

For further information contact:
Mother: 054 329 7103
Father: 054 688 6107

You can also contact the head teacher of the school (Wlitey RC Primary School) on 024 673 8695

Newsghana24.com saw a request for support on social media and was moved to support via this post. We have no contact with the little girl but the details we have put out will help us all do our best to help. This story was first shared by Amekuedi Cephas Deladem

Wwho was moved by the plight of the little girl. We support this crusade and call on all Ghanaians to help change the story for good.

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