Basic facts about Damongo and the angry youth over new regional capital

The youth of Salaga south constituency have been angered by the naming of Damongo as the capital of the newly established Savanna Region. The announcement by the government to cite Damongo as the capital did not go down well with the youth of the area. They resorted to burning down offices of the New Patriotic Party in the area to register their displeasure over the choice of the president.

Basic facts about Domongo and the angry youth over new regional capital
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This event happened the evening of Tuesday, February 12 2018. Array youth threw stones and all manner of things at the office of the New Patriotic party.

According to the news coming in the people in the area had petitioned the president ahead of the naming of the capital city and requested that, Salaga should be accorded that status as the regional capital.

One reason the people gave as a reason for Salaga to be accorded that status is that, they voted massively of for the ruling New Democratic Party in the 2016 polls and deserve this gesture in return.

The people hold the view that the choice of the president was unfair. The array fund angered by the news that Damongo has been chosen as the regional capital took to the street and vandalized properties of the rolling New Patriotic Party. They vent their anger on the roofing, satellite dish, computers and other valuables of the party. An Air witness who spoke with Joy News, who shared information on what he saw said

“The place is burning down, people are throwing stones and all manner of things,” an eye witness told Joy News.”

Eye witness…Myjoy News

And that, some of the youth came along with pig axes to pull down the NPP party office in the area.

The presence of Ghana Police did not deter the youth, while the efforts of the Ghana Fire Service to douse the fire was disturbed by the angry youth who wanted to ensure their attempt to register their displeasure is not hampered or foiled in any way. has come across a tweet this morning which suggests that The Ghana Police have picked up 7 persons who are believed some of the youth who burnt the office of the NPP after Damongo was declared the regional capital of the newly created Savanna Region.

Basic Knowledge about Damongo

Basic facts about Domongo and the angry youth over new regional capital
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Damongo happens to be the capital of the West Gonja District now in the Savannah Region or the Northen region of Ghana. The town, gained its regional capital status on February 12th 2019 when its news status was declared by the government of Ghana.

The news was made known at the Jubilee House, the seat of government in Accra. Present at the event was the Yagbonwura.

Basic facts about Domongo and the angry youth over new regional capital
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Damongo is one town rich with tourist destinations. The Mole National park, the Larabanga mosque and their associated mysteries, sites and scenes have been given a great boast with the elevation of the area as the regional Capital of the Savannah region of Ghana. The town also happens to be the biggest town in the current Damongo constituency. The Current Member of Parliament is the NDC MP-elect Hon. Adam Mutawakilu. It is also the town where Former President John Dramani Mahama who is seeking to be reelected as the NDC flag bearer for the upcoming 2020 polls comes from. Again, Damongo host the Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom

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