Why owe teachers and nurses arrears and give police, army unnecessary bonus? -(CDG-Gh) fumes

police army unnecessary bonus

Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-Gh) a political think tank has raised the red flag over happenings in the security services ahead of the upcoming general elections.

News of upward adjustment in the salaries of the Police and army officers and their related excitement has become public knowledge. The think tank has questioned what informed the decision to pay such bonuses when teachers’ and nurses’ salaries are in arrears.

The (CDG-Gh) in a press release dated 18th Nov 2020 and copied to electionsinghana.com has called on the government to explain to ordinary Ghanaians why the increase. It sighted teachers and nurses whose salaries are in arrears as priorities that should have engaged the attention of the government.


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Below is the full press release



18th Nov 2020


Another form of corruption?

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-Gh), is worried about unfolding events affecting the security, as we draw closer to election 2020.

Just as the issue of the Electoral Commission starts to stabilize, news of Police and army officers rejoicing over their bonuses, has hit the public domain. What are these bonuses for? Are the bonuses for those personnel to be used for the election or for all? Who are those receiving the bonus? The average citizen wants to know. The Special Prosecutor alleges he was not paid for three years; so are some nurses and teachers. How can the government suddenly get money to pay bonuses?

On Monday on Power FM, the issue of Bonuses for Soldiers and Police opened up. We need answers. We want to know.

Dr E.K.Hayford

Executive Director,   CDG-Gh




Source: Electionsinghana



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